Girl with Curly Long Hair - Digital Stamp

Girl with Curly Long Hair - Digital Stamp


This cute girl with long curly hair is just one of several cute cartoon options! (see other listings). 

This adorable digital stamp is easy to personalize for someone you know! You can even add their name or a message in the banner. 

 Great for all kinds of crafting fun:

*Cut out to make name cards for a girl's birthday party... each one can look like a guest and everyone can color their own portraits!

*Use in card making or tag making for gifts.

*Color, put the picture in a cute frame and hang it in a room to add a personal touch.

This digital stamp/coloring page is available to download and print upon purchase! It comes as a jpg so that you can resize it if you wish. 

Happy coloring! :)

*This material is copyrighted and is not to be resold in it's original black and white form. You may however sell things you have made after coloring this stamp, as long as you have created something unique, such as a card or craft. If you have any questions, just contact me at 


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