About Color By Culture

Hi, I'm Diana! I have loved drawing people since I was a little girl. Growing up in Florida, I was surrounded by a diverse population. My dad is Puerto Rican and my mom is Caucasian. Our neighborhood was home to people of all different races, backgrounds, and ethnicities. As a child, I was taught to value all people. If I was curious about a person (like someone with a disability), my mom explained that even though they looked or acted differently, they shared the same hopes and dreams as us. They wanted to have fun and friends, just like I did. I am grateful to have learned these lessons at a young age. 

As an adult I had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua, Brazil, and Papua New Guinea. While these places are beautiful, it was the people I met there that had the biggest influence on me. As I was exposed to more cultures, I found beautiful and endless inspirations for my art work. Recently, my husband Michael and I visited Malawi, Africa to help with a program for students with special needs and their caregivers. I brought along my sketchbook and drew portraits for the children there. I think there is something so special about a person seeing a picture of someone that looks like them!

I started Color By Culture to celebrate the beauty of diversity. The lovely, dark skin of an African. The colorful, flowing garments of Asia. The bright smile of a girl who just happens to use a wheelchair. These are the images that I long to capture in a creative way. Images that encourage us to accept ourselves and others as valuable and beautiful.

I hope you enjoy visiting Color By Culture. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. And while you're here, please signup for the Color By Culture E-Newsletter (go to home page and scroll down). It's a great way to stay up to date on my latest projects, and every month you'll get a free printable.

Happy coloring!

- Diana