I Am American - Set of 10

I Am American - Set of 10


Celebrate the diversity of America this 4th of July with 10 portrait coloring pages!

A variety of people call this beautiful country home and when we see the good in our differences, we make the USA a better place.

This coloring set is perfect for adults and kids and can be a great conversation starter with your children, so that they can learn to value all people, too.

Included in this printable PDF:

  1. A young Native American woman

  2. An African American veteran

  3. A hearing impaired woman with a hearing aid

  4. A cowboy

  5. A young Asian American woman

  6. A young caucasian man with glasses

  7. A Mexican American woman

  8. A young Jewish man

  9. A young Muslim woman

  10. A young African American woman who uses a speaking device and wheel chair.

    I hope you and your family have a happy 4th of July!

Happy Coloring!

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